Stereo & Mono


Connecting suites with historical details.

Located in the old building built in 1880 the interior of Stereo & Mono tells tales of history. During the construction of Backstage details such as rafters and a tiled stove were exposed and preserved. Today we, unfortunately, cannot light a fire in the stove, but it is still there and still beautiful together with design pieces and furniture by Eichholtz and POLSPOTTEN.

Stereo & Mono are connecting suites. You could just book one or the other, but to do that you need to contact us. We are a bit difficult like that.


Suite 227

The Loft Suite

Size: 61,5 m²

Take your private elevator to our intimate loft suite with aesthetically exposed rafters.

Suite 301

The Terrace

Size: 35 m²

A spacious private terrace of your own overlooking the historical surroundings.

Suite 304

The Roof

Size: 40 m²

Rooftop suite with private terrace and a view of Stockholm and Royal Djurgarden.

Junior Suite


ABBA Gold Suite is dedicated to the immense success of the ABBA Gold album when it was released in 1992, ten years after ABBA took a pause.

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