Suite 301

The Terrace Suite

A private terrace for serene mornings and relaxing afternoons.

Begin your day or unwind in the afternoon on your own private terrace – 55 m² just for you. This expansive outdoor space is perfect for enjoying coffee, fresh air, and stunning views, providing a personal retreat in the heart of the city. The suite is impeccably decorated, reflecting a commitment to style and luxury.

✓ A 55 m² private terrace with panoramic historical views.
✓ A sumptuous king-size bed ensuring restful sleep.
✓ Entertainment with Bluetooth speakers and Chromecast.
✓ Indulge in treats from our well-stocked minibar.

Your Private Oasis with Historical Views

The Terrace boasts sweeping views of the historic Royal Djurgården. From here, enjoy the sight of rooftops crowning historic buildings and the iconic Gröna Lund.

Reserve The Terrace Suite for an experience that combines the tranquility of a private outdoor space with the elegance of historical luxury.