Deluxe Room

Expansive comfort in a Deluxe Room.

Wake up in a world where space and elegance harmoniously blend. This room, with its sophisticated layout and floor-to-ceiling windows, offers a sense of grandeur and comfort that transcends the ordinary. As a guest, you’ll feel the expansiveness and luxury enveloping you, creating a serene and upscale retreat that’s all your own.

✓ Lavish beds, ensuring restful nights.
✓ A spacious bathroom with a bathtub.
✓ Entertainment with Bluetooth speakers and Chromecast.
✓ Bring your pet – they are welcome here.

A Glimpse into the Vibrant World of Artists

Staying in the Deluxe Room means more than just enjoying extra space. It’s about experiencing the vibrant world of artists that the Backstage Hotel encapsulates. Feel the creative pulse of the hotel, right from the comfort of your room.

Reserve your Deluxe Room at the Backstage Hotel and elevate your stay into an experience of space, style, and artistic immersion.