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Tyge & Sessil

Wines from small producers who work as close to nature as possible.

Tyge & Sessil collects wines preferably from underrepresented areas around the world and made from grapes we did not know existed. Some are cloudy, others crystal clear. Some are familiar, others not. Some are a lot of, others are completely unique.


Sainté Backstage Hotel Stockholm Happenings 01 Mar - 01 Mar


Under Bron

Leicester's New 'Wild Card' Rap Prodigy.

Röyksopp Stockholm Cirkus Backstage Happening 16 Feb - 16 Feb



See the iconic Norwegian duo at Cirkus.

CHANNEL TRES Happenings Backstage Hotel 10 Mar - 10 Mar

Channel Tres


Detroit techno and silky smooth grooves of Chicago house.

Acid Arab Backstage Hotel happenings 18 Mar - 23 Mar

Acid Arab


Experience the French-Algerian collective live.

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