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Stockholm International Film Festival

150 film premieres from more than 60 countries.

Stockholm International Film Festival started in 1990 and is one of the leading film festivals in Europe. During twelve intense days in November, the festival presents 150 film premieres from more than 60 countries.

Stockholm International Film Festival is also recognized for its ability to promote and offer a venue for young and unestablished filmmakers. As many as a third of the films selected for the competition are made by a debuting director and by directors who have made less than 3 films.

2022 The Stockholm International Film Festival is focused on Ukraine as a direct consequence of the unacceptable Russian invasion and the terrible war being waged in this now. The festival wants to shed light on the uncertain future that the Ukrainian film industry is now facing.

Stockholm Film Festival will not show any Russian state-funded films at this year’s festival as long as the current war is ongoing.


03 June, 20:00



Known for their distinctive sound - combining rap, heavy beats, and bombastic brass arrangements.

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Under Bron

Leicester's New 'Wild Card' Rap Prodigy.

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See the iconic Norwegian duo at Cirkus.

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Channel Tres


Detroit techno and silky smooth grooves of Chicago house.

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Acid Arab


Experience the French-Algerian collective live.

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