Celebrating 20 years as an artist.

Moneybrother is celebrating his first 20 years as an artist – going on an extensive Sweden tour with a full band this fall.

20 years have passed since Moneybrother released the now iconic debut album ‘Blood Panic’ – an album that jump-started an artist’s career, as much as it became a style-forming album for the Swedish rock sound of the 00s. To celebrate his first 20 years as an artist, Moneybrother is now going on an extensive Sweden tour this autumn.

There is a before and an after of Moneybrother’s almost cult-declared debut album ‘Blood Panic’ from 2003. With equal parts soulful rock and bold punkness, Anders Wendin sang his way straight into the Swedish folk home – an ongoing love story that has now lasted a full 20 years. Just a few weeks ago, Moneybrother played two sold-out gigs at Stadsgårdsterminalen in Stockholm, where ‘Blood Panic’ was played in its entirety – exactly 20 years after the release party for the same album in 2003. It was the start of an anniversary party that now continues in Sweden.

Backed by a seven-piece band, Moneybrother is going on a tour this fall to celebrate the anniversary of Blood Panic, as well as the approximately 1000 gigs over the years that were a direct result of the record. There will be evenings that will not resemble an aerobics session. The tempo and volume will vary but not the intensity. It will be enlivened, inspired and seasoned with both music and stories from the long career. As the Money Brother himself says:

“I feel quite lost in most contexts. But when I stand and sing, I know exactly what to do. When I’m nervous about something everyday, I usually pretend I’m singing up for a gig. Then it feels better. I want to go for a spin and thank the audience that continues to come to my gigs. I don’t want it to be a concert, it should be a damn story. And the goal is for the audience’s feelings to remain until Christmas Eve, at least.”

In the 20 years that have passed since ‘Blood Panic’, Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin has cemented his position as one of our most pressing artists. There have been five more albums, the latest of which is the excellent ‘It’s the days I want to sing about’ (2018). In connection with the tour, Moneybrother is also releasing new music – this time in English.

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