Gibrand Sjöberg Frosterud Konsthallen

Master chef takeover

Great food. Great wines. Great chefs.

Restaurant Konsthallen invites master chefs Sebastian Gibrand and Robert Sjöberg for two nights of great food and wine together with master sommelier Carl Frosterud October 9th & 10th.

Sebastian Gibrand has a well-known competition background as former team captain for the Swedish national team, for the win in the Swedish tv show “Kockarnas kamp” and for his silver medal in Bocuse d’Or 2019, the world’s most prestigious cooking competition.

A highlight in his career so far has been the honourable task of being responsible for cooking the Nobel prize dinner in December 2019.

Today he runs his own catering and event business together with his colleague Robert Sjöberg and whom has a background from Swedens first Michelin starred “krav” certified restaurant.

Their cooking approach has a tight, uncompromising focus on the individual ingredient – elevating its characteristics and bringing out its natural magic, with a polished technical finish.


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