First came the musical. Then the movie. Now the party continues!

Step through the doors and you are magically transported to the Greek paradise island of Skopelos and to Nikos taverna. Here you will enjoy a wonderful evening that includes everything from a welcome ouzo upon arrival to a delicious four-course Mediterranean menu, singing, dancing, daring aerial flights, performing waiters and of course ABBA’s songs and a party that never seems to end. Opa!

Every night is different from the other and no one knows how it will end. It simply depends on where ABBA’s songs take us! Make the evening special – with family, friends and colleagues. Are you ready to have the time of your life? Kalos orisate!

Stay right next to the party.
Explore our hotel rooms and stay across the street from Tyrol, at the heart of Royal Djurgården in Stockholm.

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(Photo: Peter Knutson)


14 August, 20:00

Sam Smith

Gröna Lund

Enchanting melodies and soul-stirring vocals.

19 Aug - 19 Aug

Weeping Willows


Timeless sound and poetic storytelling.

30 November, 20:00



Celebrating 20 years as an artist.

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