DEHD Happening Backstage Hotel Stockholm


Blue Skies with Chicago Dehd.

Dehd is an American three-piece indie rock band from Chicago formed in 2015. The year after Dehd released a nine-track self-titled album.

In 2020 Flower of Devotion was released and Dehd’s sound characterized by reverb-heavy guitar, blunt drumming, and the use of idiosyncratic vocals found its way to fans wishing they were on a road trip listening to Dehd instead of stuck in a pandemic.

Toward the end of 2021 Dehd finally had the chance to take Flower of Devotion on the road and shared stages with Julien Baker. Now, with the latest release Blue Skies, Dehd takes the stage at Södra Teatern to indie-fans delight.


Cirkus Happening Backstage Hotel Stockholm


Djurgårdsslätten 43-45

Creative and playful.

Konsthallen Backstage Hotel Stockholm


Allmänna gränd 2

Champagne, bouillabaisse and bullshit.

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