AYÄM Studio

AYÄM Studio offers a space for you to practice yoga, dance and sing.

AYÄM is pronounced as I am. Just like the famous quote ”I think and therefore I am”. Simple as that.

AYÄM Studio is a place where you get to see and be seen, a place where you can expand and grow together with the support of our space holders and its community. It’s a place for you to be more you, as well as a place where you can coexist and develop with others.


Cirkus Happening Backstage Hotel Stockholm


Djurgårdsslätten 43-45

Creative and playful.

Konsthallen Backstage Hotel Stockholm


Allmänna gränd 2

Champagne, bouillabaisse and bullshit.

Shabazz Palaces Happening Backstage Hotel Stockholm 11 February, 21:00

Shabazz Palaces

Södra Teatern

One of hip hop's most creative and cross-boundary acts.

DEHD Happening Backstage Hotel Stockholm 08 November, 20:00


Södra Teatern

Blue Skies with Chicago Dehd.

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