The 1975

The 1975 is coming to town.

Now it’s time for The 1975 famous ‘Still… At Their Very Best’ tour to land in Sweden. And anyone who has spent more than five minutes on social media in the past year has probably already seen the ambitious stage set-up, heard the band’s precise musicianship and enjoyed Matt Healy taking on the role of rock star.

It’s rare to enjoy a status as radical innovators of pop music while managing to sell out the biggest arenas. To, at the same time, be both immeasurably popular and immeasurably celebrated. But that’s exactly the enviable position that The 1975 have subscribed to since the release of their now-iconic self-titled debut in 2013. As one of the most defining bands of our time, with their distinct aesthetic, devoted fans to say the least, and unique soundscape, they’ve created music that’s just as forward-thinking as compelling as it is – as provocative as it is meaningful.

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13 September, 19:30

Mo Gilligan

Södra Teatern

In The Moment World Tour 2024.

13 October, 17:00

Matt Rife


ProblMATTic World tour.