Two-time Eurovision winner live at Cirkus.

Prepare to witness the sensational talent of Loreen, the two-time Eurovision winner, as she takes the stage at Cirkus in Stockholm on November 23rd. With her powerful and captivating performances, Loreen has solidified her status as a true musical icon. Loreen’s unique blend of pop, electronic, and soulful sounds will transport you to another realm. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience the brilliance of Loreen’s live performance. Secure your tickets now and prepare to be swept away by her unparalleled talent and artistry on November 23rd at Cirkus in Stockholm.

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19 August, 20:00

Weeping Willows


Timeless sound and poetic storytelling.

30 November, 20:00



Celebrating 20 years as an artist.

15 November, 19:30

Sarah Klang


Enchanting melodies and soul-stirring vocals.

21 September, 20:00

Dirty Loops


Swedish power trio redefining pop and jazz.

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