Dirty Loops

Swedish power trio redefining pop and jazz.

Get ready to have your musical world turned upside down as Dirty Loops takes over Cirkus for two nights of sheer musical brilliance on September 21st and 22nd. This Swedish power trio has redefined the boundaries of pop and jazz fusion, blending virtuosic musicianship, infectious grooves, and mind-blowing arrangements. With their exhilarating covers and original compositions, Dirty Loops delivers a live performance that is nothing short of a jaw-dropping spectacle. Cirkus, known for its stunning acoustics and intimate atmosphere, provides the perfect setting to witness the explosive energy and undeniable talent of Dirty Loops up close.

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19 August, 20:00

Weeping Willows


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30 November, 20:00



Celebrating 20 years as an artist.

23 November, 20:00



Two-time Eurovision winner live at Cirkus.

15 November, 19:30

Sarah Klang


Enchanting melodies and soul-stirring vocals.

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