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The Don Julio

Backstage Rider with your choice of spirit.

When Pussy Riot toured in 2019 the iconic Russian feminist protest and performance art group had a fairly straightforward rider. They requested “internet access” in the dressing rooms, a “clean bathroom” and “2 chairs in good condition”. Things you’d hope a dressing room includes.

But when it came to catering, the band’s requests were a bit more particular. Among other drinks, Pussy Riot listed “1 bottle of Mezcal” and “1 bottle of Tequila Don Julio 70” paired with “1 pack of Marlboro Red Cigarettes” and some beers, red wine, coconut water and Gatorade.

In the Backstage Rider The Don Julio we include your favourite spirit and prepare a cocktail kit with recipes and all the gear you need to mix your drinks.

Choose from a bottle of gin, bourbon, rum, tequila or vodka. We’ll add ingredients for a handful of cocktails, instructions on how to make them and all the tools you need.

Price: 2 500 SEK

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