Backstage Hotel Stockholm Rider

No American beers, please!

Backstage Rider with European craft beer.

“Nashville’s most fucked-up country band”, Lambchop, is among the most consistently unique and rewarding American groups. And although they do hail from Tennessee the band doesn’t seem to enjoy their own country’s beers. In a rider from 2017 Lambchop requests “2 cases very good local beer in bottles, chilled, no American beers please!”.

With the Backstage rider “No American beers, please!” we satisfy your thirst for craft beer brewed in Europe. We’ll fill a cooler with a selection depending on the season and the mood of our sommelier. But we guarantee you at least two lagers to quench the immediate thirst and then we´ll go from there.

Includes six servings for two.

Price: 1 200 SEK

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